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CEO Message

President and CEO Young H. Choi

Each and every life is precious
A healthy life, free of illness, is a long-held wish in society. Guided by the basic principles of cherishing life and health for all people, Access Bio has been dedicated to the research, development and quality improvement of the medical diagnosis industry. Through the development of in vitro diagnostics technology, Access Bio has successfully commercialized products of outstanding quality to battle malaria and other diseases that pose a serious health threat across the globe. Since our inception in 2002, we have built a strong presence in the global market for the diagnostic testing of malaria and instilled hope for a healthy life among those suffering from this deadly disease.
Quality acknowledged by the WHO
In accordance with the World Health Organization’s global fight against malaria, demand is steadily growing for high-quality rapid diagnostics tests (RDT) for prompt and accurate diagnosis. The superior quality of Access Bio’s CareStart™ has been verified through the malaria diagnostics kit testing by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention upon request from the WHO. This has enabled Access Bio to forge partnerships with international agencies including the WHO, UNICEF, Global Fund, and MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors without Borders). Drawing from our solid footing in malaria diagnosis and accumulated R&D expertise, Access Bio strives to develop diagnostic tests in diverse fields and enhance the wellbeing and quality of life for people around the world.
Global pioneer in diagnostic testing
As we look toward the future, Access Bio will not merely respond to the changing environment, but move forward with a proactive stance. With efficient processes and a dynamic culture, we will harness our competitive advantage to develop next-generation technologies and sustain growth. As a world leader in medical diagnosis, Access Bio is committed in promoting hope for a healthy life and garnering the trust of all stakeholders.

Thank you.

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