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R&D Performance

Immuno-chemical Diagnosis

Immuno Chromatography Technology

Access Bio’s unique Immuno Chromatography Technology (ICT) allows its products to retain highest level of accuracy and sensitivity by efficiently utilizing a nano-gold labeling method while using a minimum quantity of antibodies. Through this technology, the products have not only top-quality but also cost-effectiveness because they are manufactured using small amounts of key reagents.

Next-generation Immunochromatography Technology, ROSUS™

ROSUS™ is the next-generation immunochromatography technology, where target analytes (e.g., pathogens) are visualized with fluorescence molecules instead of nano-gold particles in order to improve signal intensity. With this innovative technology, Access Bio will commercialize RDTs that can detect a trace amount of target molecules in clinical samples that are not possible by the conventional nano-gold technology.

Product Pipeline ICT ROSUS™
Malaria RDT Influenza TRF
Scrub Typhus IgM RDT Chlamydia TRF
Influenza A&B RDT(Coming Soon)
Strep A RDT (Coming Soon)

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